Make The Right First Impression To Get Your Home SOLD

Staging has a unique edge in today’s real estate market. Specially in today’s “hot” market. Transforming, showcasing and inspiring a different story of a lifestyle sparkle, will add the touches that draw and appeal more showings and offers at higher price points by the prospective buyers.

Whatever the reason may be for your life transition; Spice Up Your Home Staging services offer
a wide variety of staging packages to cover all your needs and fit both your budget and personal preferences. We assist Realtors®, Flippers, Builders and Home Owners who want to sell fast and increase the maximum value for their property.

Homeowners typically decorate a home based on personal taste, design aesthetic and lifestyle.
Our goal is to help our customers “Simplify” the home selling process and enhance its marketability by appealing to the largest number of potential buyers. We strive on delivering the best result at a fair price.

Let our dedicated and passionate design team ensure that your home is set up with furniture and complementary accessories to fit your current home’s interior features, style and decor in account within your neighborhoods demographic profile. The team will
find high-quality solution assisting in transforming your occupied or vacant home into a cozy and desired home.

Buyers buy based on emotional connection. They envision themselves living in your home when well elegantly presented while Stylish, modern and trendy. Our Design team will strategically improve flow and enhance architectural features to make the property feel as bright and spacious. Don’t let your property sit idly on the market when it can be sold quickly and for a greater return on your investment. Make your Home a Buyer’s Home Sweet Home Dream come true!


Staging Services


Service Includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor Initial property assessment
  • Complete home staging management
    room function/purpose analysis
  • Furniture selection/arrangement and removal
  • Paint color selections (painting/removal of wallpaper)
  • Wall decor and accessories placement
  • Decluttering/cleaning arrangements
  • Lighting; use of natural and accent lighting)
  • Flooring analysis
  • Depersonalizing
  • Floor sweep (after stage and destage)
  • Artwork and accessories
  • Additional recommendations may be suggested

How it Works

It is a proven fact that a staged house sells faster and for a better value.
Make The Right First Impression To Get Your Home Sold!

Simple, Simple, Simple!

Staging vacant homes start with an initial consultation. A walk through, room by room with one of our design consultant/ stager and assist in determining which staging package would benefit your needs best, taking in consideration the current condition, features space and decor in the home.

Homeowners will be provided a room-by-room list of suggestions. Recommendations  such as
de-cluttering, maintenance, useful tips, simple changes (painting) and light renovations or repair capitalize on the best return on the property investment. Curb appeal, patio areas set up and clean up are all included to assist in preparing your home for staging. On staging day, all items will be delivered to the home and the design consultant/stager will place and create a master piece to showcase your home.

For those who require no furniture but want to Spice up their occupied home, we’ve got you covered with our great value price package.


To ensure the highs quality to you and for future staging business Spice Up Your Home inspects all furniture and all decorative accessories prior to leaving our facility and are inspected again after delivery at your home. All furniture at the time of pick up from the staged  home will be inspected to ensure the absolute best and good state of all items. This procedure is in place to avoid difficulty in keeping inventory at the highest quality and shape and multitude of quality issues.

We do not use mattresses to avoid contamination and to ensure your home is bedbug, flees or any other insect free. Our intensive furniture cleaning on a regular bases include deep fabric cleaning, degreasing and shampooing. We ensure no cat, dog or any animal hair to avoid any allergic reaction by the prospective buyer.

Occupied Homes and homes with pets are subject to a higher security deposit to ensure the return off all staging stuff in the same excellent condition as delivered; No Food Leftovers, Crumbs No coffee or tea stains, No Hot Rounds from Mugs, No sticky Gum, No Cigarette Burns or cigarette smell, No Bad Odours or Dirt of any Kind. No worn out fabric, No broken, chipped or dent furniture are acceptable.

All homes staged are and must be a cigarette free home.

All Staging packages booked within 30 days of your Consultation, will receive 50% off their consultation fee your and applied as a credited towards your staging costs!